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I enjoy taking photographs during my walks through the regional forests and meadows where I find a fascinating variety of flora & fauna. As my photographs are sorted by colour, form and structure the overlooked beauty of Nature becomes more visible. Ordinary plant shapes, leaves, branches and even wilting blossoms are emphasized. My selection of these images are refined and produced by a special transformation process to achieve unique design expressions - Victor-Marie Hugo, a leading figure of the Romantic Movement in France once said: “It is a sad thing to consider nature talks and human kind does not listen." My pictures are inspired by the splendid bounty of Nature and are communicating in a different way ... Feel free to interpret this language.


Cornelia R. Hagmann

Size of images and paintings: 3 x 2 Meters, (Sizes can be adjusted for custom orders).
Materials: Acryl and Oil on Canvas, Aluminium, Acrylic Glass, Acrylic Glass with illuminated frame.